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built myself new PC

I’ve finally made the decision to replace my good old Dell Vostro 200 MT with something new. I decided to use an ITX case I still owned, threw out the Atom D2550 board and mounted an MSI Haswell board inside. CPU is a Core i7 4770S. I’ve added 16GB RAM, a 128GB SSD. A 2TB hard drive was already inside. OS is Windows 8, joined to the now productive Samba 4 AD domain.

It nicely runs Virtualbox VMs, but apart from this I haven’t had the time yet to get the CPU to its limits. I plan to challenge its computation power by producing a mandelbulder animation (maybe using even more CPU cores on other machines I own, like the Dell, the Core i3 550 Server and maybe my Core i7 750 web server. So that’s 22 threads altogether.). Creating some new sound pieces would also be nice with it.

I’m quite happy with that small thing. Heat does not seem to be a big issue, it’s fairly quiet, and Linux has shown me a bus bandwidth of 16GB/s (hdparm –tT /dev/sda). The onboard graphics (called Intel HD 4000) allows three displays attached and performs greatly decoding H264.