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what is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616?

Answer,  US version:

18 quintillion 446 quadrillion 744 trillions 73 billions 709 millions 551 thousands 616. It’s the number of IPv6 addresses my provider has just dropped in front of my feet. I think I can launch an SSL secured website for every individual atom in the universe now. Or, it’s the number of now possible IPv4 addresses squared.

This does not necessarily mean that I like IPv6. Far from it! I’m expecting the transition to be very painful. A subtle but broad security crisis driven by the introduction of a great number of poorly understood conceptions and new devices might lead to severe acceptance problems of IPv6 or even the Internet as a whole. And people will still insist on IPv4 addresses anyway, because that ensures broader coverage. The IPv4 crisis will not be solved by IPv6, at least not in the near future.