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Debian Squeeze: LVM / udev etc. buggy?

This is very unfortunate. Now that this complex server setup is finally ready, LVM starts to throw bugs. Setup is a volume group on a software RAID volume. I can create a snapshot of my Xen-DomU-Volumes, backup them, but as soon as I try to remove the snapshot with lvremove, the command just hangs, and so do all other LVM-commands, even lvs.


I’ve googled around a lot now, but with no results. Consequently, I can not backup my stuff at the moment.

Following a proposal to stop the udev deamon before lvremove, I didn’t get any further either, because this seems to break Xens ethernet bridges somehow (although this is really, really weird, it just shouldn’t!), while being helpful for the Backups. No solution.

And, all similar behavior I find googling relates to Kernel <2.6.16 and LVM2 <2.02. What the Fuck! 2006, 2007…

Anybody out there with the same problem? Or someone with an idea or solution? Anybody desiring more information? please report to me!

I hereby bid US-$60.00 for:


  • a working fix proposed
  • the right information to develop a fix myself


So, if somebody can tell me, what’s going on here between LVM, udev and dm – don’t hesitate to use my contact form. Should your information result in a fix, you get $60. Should two individuals provide equivalent information, the first one wins.

EDIT/UPDATE Jan 2, 2012:

Problem tracked down to potential hardware issue! see comment below! And so far, Debians reputation fixed on approbation! 😉