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Live!Zilla, SFC and WordPress

It has indeed turned out that SFC is better as it seemed that day. Maybe Facebook needed their time to update all of their resources, furthermore I’ve observed even more Problems on the FB website at the same time.

Another really funny tool is Live!Zilla. It is sort of chat system for website operators. Apart from the PHP/mySQL based server component, a local client has to be installed on the operators PC. Unfortunately there is only a Windows implementation available. Macs and Linux are not covered.

Having this installed as a website owner, your site visitors can see whether you’re online or not, and if so, initiate a chat conversation. The other direction is possible as well. In the aforementioned Windows Client, you get a list of  current visitors of your web site, and you get detailed information which pages they request, and you can actively invite them to chat with you. I’ve seen some corporations do that already. Don’t remember, was it Microsoft? Or Dell? Never mind, that scale at least.

I’d not be surprised, if there are people who have privacy concerns here.

Facebook Connect

After installing SFC for WordPress, this looks all weird to me. Interoperation is not at all as straightforward as I thought. Right now, things look buggy and users end up in unnecessary dead ends. So, is there any consistent use case for all that stuff? If I login with Facebook over here without having a connected account, that creates nothing but a stupid error message, instead of giving me the choice to connect to local account (by supplying credentials) or instead sign up as a new user. And even if everything seems fitting, I’ve still observed failures, and wonder if they have to do with the given SSL setup.

But maybe I only have to investigate into this. But as I’ve seen so many failures by now, there is some doubt piling up in my brain that has to be addressed here.